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january  2020

Finally after months of silence we have good news about how the antibody blockade of il-15 (probably the best vitiligo treatment in clinical trial) is going, if you are wondering about the antibody blockade of il-15, last year we wrote an article about it,  CLICK HERE TO READ IT.
The next phase of clinical trials was supposed to begin last summer 2019, but unfortunately this got delayed and most of us who are following this development were disappointed and curious about it. In this regard, Dr Harris posted an article on his blog explaining the situation, currently the next phase clinical trial will begin in spring 2020 if there are no further delays. The good news is fundings were granted and many investors are very interested in this drug as it is proving very promising! To avoid creating too much excitement though, let me remind you it will still be a few years before it will be on the market, it will not be available tomorrow or next year, but it’s something to wait for. Happy new years dear vitiligans!

september  2019

Good news! topical ruxolitinib finally started phase 3 clinical trials after passing phase 2 this year, another step closer being on the market! Good news! topical ruxolitinib finally started phase 3 clinical trials after passing phase 2 this year, another step closer being on the market!  click here to read an article about it

august 6th 2019

Here is a chance for vitiligo patients to take part in a phase 2 clinical trial in various locations in the US:

august 2nd 2019

Welcome to the new look! on the right hand side of the website I now added a section called “from the web”, this will link new interesting articles about vitiligo from around the internet. This way will hopefully now be reporting more news about vitiligo and more links to other articles to keep you guys more up to date about what is happening in the world of vitiligo research and more! 

july 29th 2019

dr Harris posted an article which warns about high doses for the drug Xeljanz. Xeljanz is one of the few drugs which have been proven to reverse vitiligo, but it’s very expensive and it inhibits a lot more immune system than needed. The regular dose is 5mg twice daily, the article warns about the risks associated to a dose of 10mg twice daily, which is twice the amount, for people over 50. 

july 26th 2019

We are looking for some help! we need a native english speaker who is possibly also a good writer to review our articles and make basic corrections when needed, this would only mean an article every couple of months average so it is not a lot of work. This website is no profit so this would not be paid, but I am hoping that a fellow vitiligan can offer to help, please contact me if available. Again, only a native english speaker 🙂 thank you! 

june 25th 2019

Happy world vitiligo day everyone! here is a new article to share some positvity during this special day:

On a different note, we will soon update this website with the addition of more vitiligo news from the web in the front page, we are aiming to make a real source of news about what’s happening in the vitiligo community, stay tuned! 

june 15th 2019

Exiting news in the vitiligo community! today the result of the first clinical trial about topical ruxolitinib have been published, and it proved effective in treating vitiligo lesions. 
Read an article on Dr Harris post here:

and another article here:

In this regard we had written a post about topical ruxolitinib a long time ago, click here to read our article about it.

Dermatologytimes published an article about the well awaited antibody blockade of il-15:


One of the apremilast clinical trials for the treatment of vitiligo should be over this month. We don’t yet know of any publishing for the results, but I found this page online which states apremilast was successful in arresting the progression of vitiligo in 13 patients. 8 patients also reported some repigmentation, this is not much and it doesn’t seem related to the clinical trial but I guess it seems to be something positive for now. 


In regard of our article on AMG714, the first upcoming drug for celiac disease, Dr Harris mentioned in his blog that there might be a trial soon for this drug in the treatment of vitiligo. This is a great news because, as we mentioned in the article, this drug already passed phase 2 clinical trial for celiac disease so it’s one step closer being on the market! 


In 2013 there was a lot of buzz about the discovery that mutating protein HSP70i could reverse vitiligo. Only now some news are resurfacing about this. This research is still ongoing and still proving successful! linking an article about it below:

DNA injection could cure vitiligo


Very interesting interview with Dr Harris where he explains that the first FDA approved treatments for vitiligo will be the Jak Inhibitors (like xeljanz and jakafi) and he also talks about the antibody blockade of Il-15 in the second half of the interview. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE INTERVIEW

In this regard we also had written an article about the antibody blockade of il-15


Extremely interesting article including the most recent discoveries in vitiligo, mostly about the biggest breakthrough up to date (in my opinion) which is that cytokine CXCL10 is responsible for vitiligo, as well as a detailed explanation about how the upcoming drug antibody blockade of il-15 will work. In this regard I am writing a post putting together all information from this and other researches in simple words, stay tune! click here to read the article


Recently, it’s been reported by many that dermatologists are talking more and more often about an upcoming drug which will come out very shortly to ease the effect of vitiligo. According to some, this could be an ayurvedic treatment which is now only available in India but it will be soon approved internationally. Read more in the following link: 


One of the most famous vitiligo research lab in the world, at The University of Massachusset, just developed a system for a crowdfunding to donate for the vitiligo research. If every vitiligo patient made a donation we would have a cure in no time, each and every donation makes a significant difference, please see the article on their blog and please make a donation to the vitiligo research in order to significantly speed up the process of developing a cure:


Welcome to this new section, in this area you will find news about vitiligo (clinical trials, treatments, articles or videos) from other sources, as well as news and updates about this own website.  Stay tuned!