donate to the vitiligo research

Please note all donations will NOT go to this website, the link below will redirect you to the vitiligo research lab at Umass Medical School. 
I would like to point out that any donation will make a big difference: if every vitiligo patient donates a small amount we will be able to significantly shorten the amount of time needed to have a real cure.

CLICK HERE  to be redirected to the page of the Umass Medical School lab where you can easily make a donation for the vitiligo research.  Or if you like, read the article on their blog first at:

Please consider that we are 70 million people in the world with vitiligo, if everyone of us donated a small amount like $10 or more, we would have a cure in no time. Even a small contribution will make a difference but it needs to be from everyone.

For more information you can contact the Umass University vitiligo lab directly at

Thank you!